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"Will is the best trainer I have come across and I am actually seeing results. I began working with Will in 2008 for a couple of years and started back with him in 2016. He develops a whole life approach so its not just a workout plan, its also carefully designing a meal plan that works for me as well as cardio to be completed on days we dont meet. As someone with a very busy job, Will makes it easy to find time to meet and take advantage of the time I have. I can not recommend him enough."

Andrew Wiggins

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"Will comes up with innovative ideas for your workout that are customized to your needs and not cookie cutter like other gyms. I first began working with Will in 2008 when he was a trainer at Premier Health and Fitness Center and began working with him again in 2017. He keeps it interesting and has a true passion for helping others succeed in their health goals."

Samantha Bodiford

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"I worked with Will from 2017-2019 and am so glad I did! He's very knowledgable about the mechanics of exercise and the intricacies of nutrition. He always finds new and unique workout formats to keep me motivated and excited. Most importantly, he's personable, fun to work with, and pushes me hard in every workout! Working with him, you'll be sore a lot, but super-happy with the results!"

Katherine Weintraub-Pearce

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"Will is an awesome trainer. We have a love/hate relationship when he is pushing me in the gym. I trained with Will for 4 years and even followed him from my previous gym to where he is now. Over the course of those 4 years I lost 40 pounds and became much stronger. I would highly recommend Will as a trainer!"

Jenny Longo

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"Will is a very good personal trainer. Outstanding results. He understands the body and coordinates the workouts to utilize every muscle group. Love the Willabuse!"

Dan Hendrickson

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"Totally recommend Will for any fitness needs! He is a great teacher and very patient. But he'll also push you! My arms and legs could tell you how much they get pushed every week!"

Marilyn Bemis

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“Will Doran Fitness helped me reach my fitness goals with wonderful guidance and support. He works really hard to see the client as a whole which I truly appreciated because many trainers don’t realize that reaching physical goals works hand in hand with your everyday life! He gave me tools to continue my fitness journey and I can’t wait to see what he does with his brand in the future!"

Valentina Cea Salazar

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"Will has been an excellent trainer, and we have had the pleasure of training with him for the past 2 years. He has created an environment for us that has not only advanced our physical health, but at the same time has been very comfortable for us. He makes us feel proud of ourselves even in our smallest achievements and has been a great support with our journey to better health. He is truly a phenomenal and professional trainer who has always met our needs, and will surely meet yours!"

Christian and Gloria Cea

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I trained with Will back in 2008. My husband and I were down in Tallahassee from Ohio for six months. Was coming back from a knee replacement, and his comprehensive approach not only had me coming back stronger, but also had me fitting into that little red dress I hadn't worn in years.

He makes training fun and feel like a privilege, not a chore. I looked forward to seeing him each week.

Bonnie Martin

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